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Are you ready for a decade of energy & sustainability action at work?

The call is for all of us to be Everyday Champions at work. Regardless of our profession, we all have a role to play in collaborating towards a Net Zero ‘Win for All’.

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BigGreenAcademy is for you if you want to join in with improving energy, water & sustainability performance at work, regardless of whether it’s your specific job or not.

All industries are experiencing increasing pressures from customers, shareholders, regulators and colleagues to achieve Net Zero goals. 

This challenge needs to involve all of us more, from different roles and perspectives, so we are tackling it more collaboratively to deliver the 'Win for All'.

BigGreenAcademy is for you if you want to get involved in this at work but are unsure of what to do next.

You can be an Everyday Champion, taking effective positive action in just 20 minutes a day.

  • Online Courses guide you through taking practical actions at our Everyday Champion, Smart Saver and Master Practitioner proficiency levels.
  • Join-in Forums are safe places to unite, find ideas & collaborate - for joined-up thinking - to help make every consuming process better, by learning from each other.
  • Wins for All is our bespoke service for organizations.

The Big Green Ball represents the Big Green Challenge. Trying to overcome this huge common objective may seem daunting but it doesn't have to be. The Big Green Solution can help you.

A central part of this is to take you on a personal journey to continually build your skills, achievements & experiences by joining up the Big Green challenge with ideas and actions.

There are various ways to Join In:

  • Subscribe to our ideas service.
  • Engage in the forum.
  • Ask about your own bespoke support & solutions.

Please feel free to get in touch. We are very experienced having worked supporting 1000s of champions from many countries to help them overcome the challenges and deliver better energy & sustainability outcomes for themselves.

We can all take inspiration and ideas from what has worked well in practice.  The secret to success is learning from each other.  

James at BigGreenAcademy

getting started

Three Easy Ways to Get Started

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Download eGuide

To help find out how ready you are for Energy & Sustainability action.

Assess your level of proficiency now and where you need to be in the future - then set some simple 'Win Win' steps, with clear benefits for the organization and also yourself.

Include some measurable business & sustainability improvements, otherwise it won't last.

Be the change you want to see. 

Open your eyes to ideas that make  the ‘Win for All’ easier to achieve.

•  Cut costs for a more affordable future
•  Better service for customers
•  Greener impact for the planet
•  Grow reputations for the community

Our forums are different because they join up different roles inclusively - to help you understand the different perspectives for ideas.

Share ideas & tools, overcome frustrations, achieve your goals. 

Ensure your actions are quick, practical and intuitive.

Our courses are different because they are people-focused and outcomes-oriented, rather than solely focusing on technical and management topics.

Online videos & resources. Work at your own pace, be coached.

Gain industry qualifications. Improve your confidence, actions, skills, collaboration.

personal development

Everyday Champion Courses & Qualifications

We have discovered that any of us can make a difference within our organization by taking just 20 minutes to champion making every day better and create actions for better energy & sustainability performance at work.

If you are just starting out (Level 0), you should start with the basic (Level 1) Foundation Level of Alertness.

The big opportunity for us all is to continually develop our level of proficiency and skills depending on where we need to be, or want to be, in the future.  We have colour coded our levels of proficiency and qualifications.

Foundation Level - for All of Us

Courses for all of us at work to improve your alertness to the different agendas, solutions, measures and actions for better energy & sustainability practice and performance, to set up your own personal goals, objectives and actions

Intermediate - Everyday Champion

Everyday Champion Fundamentals guides you to effectively act to reduce energy & resource use and improve sustainability for a work area. This is either through hands-on control or if you influence or make decisions that can impact on energy and resource use.

High Level - Smart Saver

Smart Saver courses are for champions who live connecting up energy & sustainability performance for a work area, ambassadors who aim to influence senior management colleagues, and key connectors who look to connect and influence everyone else.

Advanced Level - Master Practitioner   

Advanced level to become a Master Practitioner or Organizational Guru leading up the confidence that you are only using what you need.  Includes senior energy & sustainability champions, specialists, suppliers, strategy managers and steering teams.

What people have said about this approach...

alun ottley 

As Facilities Maintenance Manager - talking about big green solutions through people

"This approach helped us to develop a sustainable and continuous improvement approach to energy reduction, achieving a 30% reduction in our Carbon emissions over four years. I recommend it to anyone looking to develop and steer their team or company towards an energy optimization."

Gert Bossink

As COO for Vanderlande - talking about gaining their ISO 50001 certification in record time

“This (energy champion training program) achievement demonstrates how a collaborative and focused approach can bring our teams together from different countries and at all levels in our business to gain this certification so quickly. I am impressed with the team’s commitment to energy management and their enthusiasm in meeting the aims of our policy.”

why it is important

A Net Zero future needs to be Affordable and a 'Win for All' of us

'Win for All' is a good thing.  It must be something that is collectively better for our organizations, our customers, the planet and also ourselves.

This requires massively cutting our existing consumption as well as investing in clean or green technologies otherwise utility prices are likely to significantly rise.

Evidence shows that many of us struggle as we lack the proficiency, find it too difficult or expensive, or find that resource savings fade away quickly over time. 

This is where BigGreenAcademy adds value - to share skills and show you techniques to make your actions easier, cost-effective and long-lasting - so we're Doing it together.

The Big-3 priority secrets to make the difference...

As well as Doing it together, for us, these are the foundation priorities that we should all aim for:

Clear Business Benefits:

It needs to work. Sustainability improvement actions that link to measurable business benefits.

Make it Easy:

We’re all busy. For best results, our actions need to be quick and intuitive; ultimately friction-free.

Create the 'Win Win':

Don't waste your efforts. To make it stick, create the emotive 'Win Win' for those involved.

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