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Develop an energy management system

ISO 50001 through people and training

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ISO 50001 certification in < 6 months

About the Organization

Vanderlande is one of those companies that touches most of our lives but which most of us haven’t heard of. When we order on-line from retailers such as Amazon, it could be Vanderlande’s systems that deliver the warehouse logistics. When we check-in our bags at airports, their systems ensure our bags reach the aeroplanes. This is all about IT process systems and large conveyor and storage systems.  

Vanderlande, part of Toyota group, is the global market leader in this type of material handling, with operations located right across the world.

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This case study was  published  on the EnCO website. Click below to download the original pdf version.

Objectives and Scope

The aim was to develop an energy management system to meet increasing customer expectations, EU requirements for energy audits, and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change. 

This needed to be delivered in record time across manufacturing, R&D, distribution and office sites within the Netherlands, UK and Germany. The scope included over 2,000 staff and an annual energy bill of approximately €1m a year.

Services Provided by the Discovery Mill

The proposal was to bring together champions from different locations to collaborate through a series of workshops.

Facilitated by the Discovery Mill, these included industry accredited training for team members to develop and share their skills and experiences.

The team included the COO of the business, senior managers from HSE, Quality and Procurement, acting as ISO 50001 ambassadors, and facilities managers, office receptionists and others acting as local delivery leads and key connector champions. 

energy champion team ISO 50001

Training Program

The training needed a user-friendly approach for the team to engage, particularly for smaller locations which had limited expertise and experience. It also needed to facilitate and coordinate all the activities required:

  • Workshop 1 was about context: pulling together the team and understanding the opportunities, requirements and challenges to set up the vision and energy policies.
  • Workshop 2 focused on the catalyst for change: feeding in local energy reviews, prioritizing opportunities and then setting up the metrics, targets and actions as well as strategic controls.
  • Workshop 3 was about energizing change: roles & responsibilities, communications and rolling out campaigns and training for colleagues as well as reviewing the design, procurement and operational controls.
  • Follow-up training included sessions for significant energy users, to take on local responsibility for their own areas, and for internal auditors to plan their audit trails.


ISO 50001 proved to provide a great structure to help manage change in a systematic way whilst ensuring improvements are locked in longer-term. 

The team achieved certification in less than six months; all areas were able to demonstrate continual improvement in both the energy management system and in energy performance.

From first workshop to certification in record time, Vanderlande is now using ISO 50001 to meet increased customer expectations.

For each aspect, tactical tools and techniques were developed, tested and then lessons and experiences fed back through the workshops. This meant that after the second workshop, Vanderlande was already operating an energy management system that could be reviewed and improved. 

The external auditors were very impressed with how Vanderlande applied the standards in a phased approach, which resulted in no non-conformities. Standard templates were created to help each local team review their energy performance and consolidate the information required to effectively manage the subject; adding additional locations to the ISO 50001 certification at a later date is then relatively easy.

The auditor commented, “It has been a pleasant surprise to audit a company who is doing it not only because it is needed but also because they are into the subject!”

   This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates how a collaborative and focused approach can bring our teams together from different countries and at all levels in our business to gain this certification so quickly. I am impressed with the team’s commitment to energy management and their enthusiasm in meeting the aims of our policy.


Gert Bossink

2018, COO for Vanderlande


Extending the energy management team to beyond a few internal specialists not only means ISO 50001 certification was achieved in record time, but it is also more likely to now be effective in the longer term as the approach is owned by the people involved. 

The potential is for significant energy saving delivered at scale, in the most cost effective way, driven by the philosophy of continual improvement.

Collaborative approaches enable people to better connect technical and behavior solutions and deliver better results by doing it for themselves.


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