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Is your organization ready to achieve Wins for All?

Whether your organization has formally set a Net Zero target or not, there are actions it must take to improve its energy & sustainability performance and reduce emissions.

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Delivering Net Zero for All of Us

Pressures to cut carbon emissions and improve levels of energy & resource efficiency are ever increasing.

In tough times, there are also immense pressures to cut costs and improve customer services. 

Colleagues may think they can’t take action or they lack the confidence or time to contribute.  Many of us work in silos; our agendas and measures end up not being joined up.

In 2017, there was a devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in London. External insulation was to blame. It had been added for a good reason but something went wrong in design and implementation; the cladding was replaced with a cheaper version. Tragically, 72 people died.

To deliver Net Zero that works for all of us, approaches need to ensure everyone is working in harmony and are proficient in energy & sustainability awareness covering all the key agendas.


'Wins for All' - the catalyst for Net Zero

Wins for All enables colleagues to be rowing together for maximum impact and success for your organization.

Evidence suggests involving people offers 50% of the potential benefits and savings in resource use; the other 50% coming from technology. 

Yet people solutions are largely untapped. They offer one of the quickest and lowest-cost ways of delivering energy savings & sustainability benefits at scale.

Many organizations quite often struggle with their change programs and become disillusioned as savings don’t result or because they quickly fall away over time.

This is where BigGreenAcademy comes in! 

‘Wins for All’ can help you make sure everyone is engaged and championing better sustainability performance in the right way, as part of what they do every day.

Leaders need to be able to set a compelling course, coordinate efforts and track progress.  

The Catalyssets up your own Big Green Solution so everyone across the organization knows their roles, have the tools they need, to row the boat in the most effective joined-up way possible.


Earn Recognition for your Organization's Hard Work

There are many programs and initiatives you can leverage to get recognized for the work your organization is doing.

Well-known organizations partnering with the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign can validate and give legitimacy to your Net Zero pledges and commitments.

Other programs can recognize your management systems, commitment to resource efficiency, and people approaches to continually improving energy & sustainability performance.

BigGreenAcademy can help you to develop your strategies to achieve your goals by blending technical and people solutions with strategic measures & implementation support alongside.

Use our training and forums, bespoke to your needs, to invest in your teams through increased engagement, alertness, skills, recognition & adaptability - for joined-up thinking.

‘Wins for All’ is the bespoke X-factor that can coalesce your colleagues around the challenge so they work effectively together to deliver Net Zero, locked-in long-term

For more information on recognition from these programs, check out this Recognition ideas post.

What some of our clients have said over the years


As Head of T2 Retail Development, Heathrow

“The Discovery Mill is an excellent company which is really good at turning a requirement into a practical and deliverable solution – that is one of their key strengths. With our business partners, we won an industry award for our approach to reduce energy use & sustainability in our new Terminal 2."


As Director of Amey

“We are very excited about the Big green app the Discovery Mill has created for us. We launched it to staff across 400 buildings. Amey has already won awards for our work and this has taken us to another level. James lead this work. The Discovery Mill is brilliant, very pro-active, not pushy and they educate us too!”

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Win for all

Typical Goals and Results

'Win for All' should work for your organization, your customers, the planet and also yourselves:

  • Win for our Organizations – good return on investments, cut costs, enhanced asset value, reduced risk, increased resilience & competitiveness.
  • Win for our Customers – improved service & value, lower risk, enhanced control features, empowered customers, good sustainability practice.
  • Win for the Planet – Net Zero goals, lean consumption, clean and green resources systems,  critical mass in cultural behavior change
  • Win for our People – productive & healthy workplaces, better skills, better morale, new experiences, sense of accomplishment, leadership.