Energy & Sustainability Proficiency Courses

Big green energy, water & sustainability courses for everyday champions and those who want to develop their capabilities and performance to drive effective continual improvement in energy & sustainability performance at work

A central part of the Academy idea is to offer a range of action based courses focused on delivering the outcomes we need by overcoming our frustrations, challenges and weaknesses in the most practical and easy ways possible.

We start by focusing on energy, water & resource use proficiency courses which, for most of us, makes clear business sense and delivers the biggest wins towards the Net Zero 'Win for All'.

Most other energy & water performance courses focus solely on technical subjects – our courses are different as our solutions through people effectively maximize both our technical and people opportunities 50:50.

Some Course Benefits

  • Double your savings and impact for half the effort.
  • Enhance your skills, capability & performance to contribute to a Net Zero future.
  • Develop your own solutions aligned to international ISO 50001 standards.
  • Gain industry accredited qualifications for our level of proficiency.
  • Taught by practitioners and colleagues with many years’ experience.
  • Deliver continual improvement in energy & sustainability performance at work.

List of Courses:

These courses are based on existing in-person courses, customized to be delivered online and accredited by the Energy Services and Technology Association. They start by asking questions to help make sure the content is bespoke enough to deal with your specific frustrations and required outcomes.

Prices shown include time limited discounts which are part of our pre-launch promotions.  You can choose a currency of your choice when you pay: £GBP, $USD or €Euro.

Course 1: Foundation Level - Alertness for All of Us


All of us should have at least a basic foundation level of alertness in energy, water & sustainability proficiency.

Without this basic foundation, your good intentions may end up eroding other key service objectives and at worst end up in disaster.

You'll learn the easy step by step way to be more alert to your organization's big green challenge, the benefits of improving performance and impacts of the actions you take.  It shares practical examples to illustrate how the Big-3 foundation principles can be applied in practice.

Increase your alertness of core business drivers and priorities to set up your own goals, objectives & actions.

The course includes 5 video lessons.

Free course
Or join webinar workshop
1 hour of guided learning content
Resulting proficiency level 1: Foundation level

Course 2: Intermediate Level Everyday Champion - Better everyday


We know many everyday champions have lots of ideas but can struggle to prioritize efforts and deliver impactful results.

You may be a complete beginner or you may simply want to discover more ideas and ways to achieve continual improvement in better energy, water & sustainability performance at work.

This step by step course focuses on delivering outcomes by overcoming the main frustrations through either direct hands-on control, or influencing or by decision-making that impacts on significant energy and resource use.

Learn how to focus your efforts, Pareto 80/20 style, to achieve bigger and quicker benefits.

£216  £129 or
$297  $178
8 hours of guided learning content & clinics.
Everyday Champion Qualification

Course 3: High Level Smart Saver - Connect up your Big Green Solutions


Many of us are missing out on opportunities because we work in isolation. We have to make assumptions about others which often leads to greater levels of inefficiency.

You may be a ‘champion’ or ‘key-connector’ coordinating efforts within a work area, or a manager, practitioner, designer or procurement specialist developing solutions or looking to influence top management.

This step by step course focuses on attitudes and behaviors to help you develop your own big green solutions at work.

It’s structured to meet ISO 50001 in the most streamlined effective way possible.

More people involved means less stress to hit energy & water use reduction targets.

£434  £260  or
$597  $358  (option to pay in instalments)
24 hours of guided learning content & clinics.
Includes all Everyday Champion content.
Smart Saver Qualification

Course 4: Advanced Master Practitioner - Confident you're only using what you need


Many organizations end up having many more energy, water & sustainability processes than is absolutely necessary. This adds friction and makes it all much harder for people involved.

This masterclass is for practitioners and organizational leaders, senior energy & sustainability specialists, suppliers, strategy managers and steering teams – striving to deliver the Win for All'.

The course focuses on simplifying the processes into the 'Win for All' Catalyst, with the few strategic targets and Performance Metrics that are needed to thrive and lock in the benefits long-term.

Ultimate performance is the point when you are absolutely confident the organization is only using what it needs.

£652  £391  or
$897  $538  (option to pay in instalments)
32 hours of guided learning content & clinics.
Includes all Smart Saver content.
Master Practitioner Qualification

Develop your skills & performance as an Everyday Champion

You may work in operations, facilities management, maintenance, design & development, finance, procurement, training, human resources or specialize in energy, environment or sustainability management. You may be employed directly by the organization concerned or be a supplier, service partner, consultant or contractor. 

By spending 20 minutes ‘everyday', we find anyone can champion better energy & sustainability performance for their organizations and also for themselves.

It's very inspiring to see our consumption go down through continual learning, skills development and trying new things out:

“Brilliant!” – “Novel” – “Great way to think about energy saving” – “Very informative” – “More people means less stress for us to hit our targets" – "This has demystified energy savings for me" – "Loved it!" – "This approach has delivered at the highest level; you can have the tools to do the same" – "I learnt a great deal which I thank you for" – "You always manage to inspire and guide people to achieve their targets" - "James is a very professional teacher" – "You've got me thinking" – "Best courses ever"

Our first Energy & Resource efficiency courses delivered by the Discovery Mill

The Discovery Mill has been developing and leading energy & sustainability courses and information for over 10 years.

  • Courses for energy & sustainability champions and practitioners teaching people from countries from around the world – including people at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • The Discovery Mill’s energy efficiency courses are industry accredited through the Energy Services and Technology Association.  ESTA is one of the world’s leading Energy Management industry associations.
  • Courses have also been developed and run for the Energy Institute and London City University.
  • Consultant editor services for Croneri, taking traditional paper based content to online formats.

More generally, the Discovery Mill has been a pioneer of energy & sustainability management through people solutions developed for a wide range of organizations working across different industry sectors and countries.
This has included airports, universities, government estates, hospitals, schools, retailers, restaurants, accommodation providers, service partners, manufacturers and many others.

Training Approach

The pictures above show a Discovery Mill training event for an example university team.

John O'Brien 

Managing Director LCMB

“Working with The Discovery Mill and James has enabled us to deliver a fantastic program of ‘Big green’ events to help our university client reinforce key messages and generate enthusiasm and involvement in an innovative and visible way."

Training programs are action and outcomes oriented, tailored to the challenges and goals, making it as easy as possible for the people involved.

  • Exercises included to target and deliver savings, and return on investment, right from the start.
  • Interactive style for individuals and group learning, often including live examples, group activities, discussions, etc.
  • Implementation practice with feedback and advice through training sessions.
  • Practical tools included for making action easier and to track benefits and savings.
  • Quizzes to help you assess your learning and improvements made to skills levels and performance.
  • These Energy & Sustainability Proficiency courses are led by James Brittain

    James is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Energy Manager with over 25 years’ experience in energy & sustainability supporting a wide range of organizations and teams.  He is also a Lead Energy Assessor and ISO 50001 Facilitator.

    Over the years James has taught 1000+ people, from all over the world about energy and sustainability opportunities and solutions. He is a lead trainer and tutor for organizations, like the Energy Institute and London City University, author for CPD articles and a regular Head Judge for international awards.  

    James is co-founder of the EnCO initiative and is an ESTA approved EnCO Practitioner for Energy Conscious Organizations.

    James understands that the largest savings come about by connecting technology with behaviors and by working closely with the people on the ground.  

    Previously James was the Energy Manager for Heathrow Airport.

    What some of James’ colleagues have said over the years’:


    The Carbon Coach

    “James is a creative, compassionate and visionary individual whose work with ABS was innovative, trail-blazing and ahead of its time. He has a potent mix of confidence, curiosity and good character. He taught me a lot while we worked together and he is generous and tolerant in difficult situations.”


    Head of Sustainability, Reconomy

    “James’s drive and enthusiasm is contagious and a makes working together a real pleasure. His attention to detail and seeing the big picture is a true skill.”


    Money Back Guarantee

    100% Money Back Guarantee - risk free for 30 days

    If, for any reason, you don't like the course you have paid for, you can receive a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase or the start of the course.

    All we ask is that you email us and let us know the issue and why the course didn't meet your expectations and we'll issue a full refund.  This will help us to continually improve the course to make it the very best we can.

    Over to you - How can BigGreenAcademy best support you achieve your goals?

    • Which areas of energy & water efficiency practice are most important to you?
    • What are you struggling with the most? What feels like you’re wasting most of your time on? What’s stopping you delivering your outcomes?
    • Is there an example of something you’ve tried but where savings didn’t result or they faded away over time?
    • How can we best help you achieve your goals?

    Contact us to let us know how you think we can help

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