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BigGreenAcademy is for you to join in with solving energy, water & sustainability problems at work, as an Everyday Champion.

This includes you if you are:

  • Interested in influencing the energy & sustainability performance of an organization or project
  • a Decision maker or have influence which can impact on significant energy use & sustainability 
  • Anyone with local hands-on control of processes that consume energy & resources use 

    For example, you may be:

  • An Energy & Sustainability Champion or Ambassador, a Specialist or Practitioner at work. Researcher or Student.
  • A Business Owner or Top Exec, a Manager for Development, Procurement, Financial, HR, Communications, Consultant or supplier
  • Building User, part of an Operational or Facilities Team, Engineer, Business or Service Partner or Contractor

The Big Idea is for a community of practice that’s different from others as it connects up All of Us - to understand different perspectives, highlight issues and develop local actions.

This is not for you if you're just looking for a quick ideas grab system, magic money making formula or a shiny badge to add to your collection.  

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    Over to you:   How can BigGreenAcademy best support you achieve your goals?

    Share you story, join the discussion or ask for advice:

    • What are you working on? What's your Big Green idea or resolution for this year?
    • What are your biggest frustrations and challenges in doing this?
    • What's the most important Big Green action you should be doing, but aren't?
    • Do you have any ideas, stories, tips and advice you'd like to share?

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    1. Hi everyone, I’m Monica

      I’m from Italy, and I work in an office that manages governmental subsidies, such as the superbonus for energy redevelopment works that guarantee the improvement of at least two energy classes in buildings.

      What we fail to do, however, is be energy efficient ourselves! By working in this office, I noticed lots of behaviors that I learned to avoid if I want to reduce my energy waste. For example, there are no commitment from top management regarding energy efficiency, in winter heaters are on 24/7, colleagues open windows to cool down the room instead of lowering the temperature…

      I’m challenging myself to raise awareness among my colleagues and work to optimize energy usage in my office to avoid energy waste. My mantra will be “only use what you need.”

      Hopefully, by the end of 2021, I’ll be able to see changes in behaviors that will result in energy and money savings. Everyone must do their part to reach net zero!

      This article on how to make workplace lighting more effective will be a good start:

    2. Hello everyone, I’m James and one of my big green actions for the BigGreenAcademy is making big green videos. I want to see if We’re able to better communicate big green stories and ideas, share our experiences and ideas, and hopefully spark some discussions, through video in more engaging way.

      I’ve recently made my first ever video as our ‘About’ video and I’m now working hard on our course training videos. Our desire is to have fun with it, do it ourselves and make the video training as interactive and dynamic as our in person training programs and events. I’m up for the challenge!

      From the forum, I’m hoping you guys – colleagues, comrades, friends – will be opened minded to some of the more radical ideas I’m trying to get across, try something new for yourself and in turn share some of your own thoughts and experiences about how we can tackle the sustainability Net Zero challenge together… Any feedback and advice on how to improve the videos would be much appreciated too!

      Our minds are racing. Anything is possible for this!

    3. Hello everyone!

      I’ve signed up to support the BigGreenAcademy to generate and facilitate conversations within this community to connect the specialists, beginners, leaders, contributors – and everyone in between – who have a desire to integrate energy & sustainability performance into their roles and organizations.

      Being an active participant in the forum will help me improve my outreach and digital communication skills so that I can help others do the same, and together do our part to achieve a better future for our planet and society.

      I look forward to seeing everyone around and hearing about how you think BigGreenAcademy can support you.

      1. Nice on Mike. That’s great. I think your background and work having been a US naval officer will give us a really interesting insight of how to apply leadership and collaboration skills to develop big green solutions. And, very importantly, just getting on with turning ideas into practical actions.

        Your commitment to this is much appreciated.

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