Based on your answers to this quiz, generally you are at:

Smart Saver level

You may already be acting as a ‘champion’ for better energy & sustainability coordinating efforts within a work area, or a manager, practitioner, designer or procurement specialist developing solutions or looking to influence colleagues

  • You may be thinking about how to take bigger actions to contribute more to Net Zero for your organization or looking to develop big green solutions for your local area.
  • Many of us are missing out on opportunities because we work in isolation. We have to make assumptions about others which often leads to greater levels of inefficiency.
  • Connect up your Big Green solutions, aligned to international good practice by coordinating local actions and influencing colleagues.

Improve your confidence, actions, skills & collaboration.

  1. Read the following extract from our eGuide for this level with some example actions you can take and guidance on setting simple ‘Win Win’ steps. 
  2. See our full eGuide for characteristics and example actions across all the proficiency levels.
  3. Check out our Ideas Hub for more ideas for actions you can take. 

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More people involved means less stress to hit targets

If you would like to discuss your level of proficiency or any goals you have, please let us know and we’ll get in touch.