Based on your answers to this quiz, generally you are at:

Master Practitioner level

You may be a practitioner or organizational leader, senior energy & sustainability specialist, supplier, strategy manager or acting on a steering team, striving to deliver the ‘Win for All' for your organization.

  • You may be thinking strategically about how to achieve Net Zero for your organization or trying to influence top managers and colleagues to prioritize sustainable action in what they do.
  • You may be looking to simplify the processes in place, as a system with too many processes adds friction and makes it all much harder for people involved.

Confidence that you are only using what you need comes about by focusing in on the few strategic targets and checkpoints that are needed to drive continual improvement and lock in the benefits long-term.

  1. Read the following extract from our eGuide for this level with some example actions you can take and guidance on setting simple ‘Win Win’ steps. 
  2. See our full eGuide for characteristics and example actions across all the proficiency levels.
  3. Check out our Ideas Hub for more ideas for actions you can take. 

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If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Albert Einstein

If you would like to discuss your level of proficiency or any goals you have, please let us know and we’ll get in touch.